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About me
Fotografía de Toni Sasal

Naroa, Graduated in Fine Arts at the Basque Country University, has an intense and experimental career in the world of traditional art. She now seeks the beginning of a new artistic stage by integrating digital techniques and media in her work.  

Naroa's artistic work is created from an ongoing life-long search for a transcendental understanding of the balance of life. This search is reflected in her work both individually, with each painting, and collectively, with the integration of digital animations made on the photographs of her paintings.


In this search for balance, she constantly plays with polarised elements such as movement and stillness, visual noise and silence, the abrupt and the subtle, asymmetry, depth and lightness, seriousness and humor, the spiritual and the mundane.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-12 at 22.01.25 (1).jpeg

Career timeline​

To see the projects in full, go to the blog

Publication in the artists' book "Antes de que llegaras" by Toni Sasal 2023

Augmented reality (AR) in Ormolú Gallery, 2023

"Sumi-e & +" exhibition. 


Solo exhibition at the Ormolú Gallery in Pamplona, Navarre 2023.

It integrates physical artwork, digital animations, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) through virtual exhibition.


Solo exhibition at the Ciudadela of Pamplona. 2022

Mixing physical artwork, digital animations and Metaverse with VR glasses available to visitors 

Metaverse created for the exhibition in the Ciudadela of Pamplona 2022. "India Ink and Metaverse: 2.500b.c-2.500a.c" exhibition.

Collaboration in the movie "Sarasate, the king of the violin". Being my solo exhibition in CACH a scene of the movie (in the trailer it appears for only one second at minute 3.30min). 2016

Residency grant at CACH for the documentation of all teh  artwork. Two months residency, 2021


Collective exhibition "Disfigurations". 2014


Collaboration with the saxophone duo named "Proyecto Hélade". 2015

canvas  IMG_2247 (2).jpg

Solo exhibition at the Canvas Gallery. 2013


Painting in shop window for the day "El Barrio de los Artistas" 2013

barrio de los artistas -13, 19c.jpg

Installation-performance “En Obras” for the day of the Barrio de los Artistas. 2013

Naroa Armendariz01.jpg

Exhibition at the Huarte Contemporary Art Center (CACH). 2012-2013

la hormiga atomica expo_invitación Sin título-2[1].jpg

Solo exhibition of the project "India ink on paper". 2012

Pintura mural en madrid_esto es una plaza IMG_1221.JPG

Mural painting in "This is a Plaza" Madrid. 2012

taller de artista CACH 11IMG_2077.JPG

Author Workshops at the Huarte Contemporary Art Center. 2012

pagina tarjeton2 cmyk copy.tif

Solo exhibition at the Aranburu Palace, Guipuzkoa. 2011


Solo exhibition at the Ciudadela of Pamplona. 2010

IMG_2770 copy.jpg

Solo exhibition at the Civivox. 2010

Catalogo Ciudadela_Cuadros Perla_2010.jpf

Catalog of the solo exhibition on the Ciudadela. 2010

catalogo Nafarroa Oinez_2007.jpg

Itinerant collective exhibition, "Nafarroa Oinez". 2007

Catalogo Galería San Anton 02_2001.jpg

Catalog of San Anton Gallery . 2014

2nov 2012 charla cach.jpg

Author workshops, CACH. 2012

mov y pintura Barañain 2013-09-11 18.07.55.jpg

Body and art workshops.  2010

civivox 0CCW0005.jpg

Conference on abstract painting at Aramburu Palace, Tolosa. 2010

civivox 0CCW0007b copy 2010.jpg

Conference on abstract painting at  Civivox, Pamplona. 2010

Actividad museo Unav-6.jpg

Conference on abstract painting at Muñoz Sola Museum. 2010

Actividad museo Unav-2014.jpg

Conference and workshop “Drawing day: Art and Architecture”, University of Navarra. 2014

Catalogo Carnaval Arte 01_1999.jpf

Collective exhibition, "Carnival". 1999

flyer Wurth.jpg

Pictorial-musical performance at the Würth Museum. 2014

Artistic installation in the collective exhibition "In Muebles". A combination of conic perspective drawing between a wall and real objects. 2013

inmuebles 06 IMG_3247 copia.jpg
poetika kiribila.jpg

Action-performance with the mixed group Poetica Kiribila. 2014

Sanguesa IMG_1119-2.jpg

Solo exhibition at the Vallesantoro Palace, Sanguesa. 2012

Catalogo Oinez 01.jpf

Itinerant collective exhibition, "Nafarroa Oinez". 2003


Collective exhibition at the WÜRTH Museum 2013-2014

Fotografía de Toni Sasal

One year Residence Grant at Huarte Contemporary Art Center (CACH). 2021-2022

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